Farm & Country Fair 26, 27 & 28 June '20

Vintage Festival

During the Farm & Country Fair a special vintage Festival is organized. At part of the Fair you only can find products from about 1920 till 1980. The Volkswagen Beetle is ready to be filled at the fuel pump from earlier times. Drink tea from fancy cups and enjoy food, music and prams from the old days.

Rare heritage breeds 

In the Netherlands there live approximately 115 rare farm animal breeds. Cattle, horses, sheep, goats, poultry, aquatic birds, pigs, but also different breeds. You can find almost all these heritage breeds at the Farm & Country Fair.

We have developed a special teaching program for schoolchildren visiting the Fair with their class.

Build your own House    

The last several years children loved to build a real wall at the Fair. But also the parents wanted to help. So, the wall building activity for children now is an activity for young and old!


Agriculture today

Get to know friendly young farmers and farmersgirls. With much passion they tell you everything about their work and products. Ask them all your questions, look at the impressive machines and become a real farmer for a day.

Culinary delight

The big food marquee smells wonderful and inviting. Listen to the story of the producers. Enjoy the surprising stories and presentations in the cooking theatre.

Bizarre and magical ...

The folly forest, just near the Farm & Country Fair, is a forest packet with crazy and bizarre creatures. This forest is in Holland wellknown. Tvshows such as Man bijt Hond (Man bites Dog) were recorded from this forest. Visitors to the Farm & Country Fair can visit the forest for free.

On tour..
Parade with our prams at the Bokbierdag in Zutphen 
And our pram in the well-known film Majesteit..

Impression Farm & Country Fair